Policy Number: 04-003

Policy Title: Policy for Attending Out of Town Conferences and Meetings

Date First Passed: March 11, 2004

Date(s) Amended: July 27, 2006

At times when it would be appropriate to have a Board Member represent SASCI at a function, such as a conference or meeting, at a location outside of SASCI's mandated area, the following process shall be followed:

  1. In most instances, only one Board Member and (possibly) the Manager would attend such functions.  This is dependent on available funds and other factors.
  2. The Board will be polled to identify Board members who would be able to attend.  If more than one Board member identifies themselves, the Chair will select between them.
  3. Board members who attend functions of this nature and who wish to be reimbursed for expenses shall submit copies of receipts for expenses and mileage claims to the Manager.
  4. Expenses eligible for reimbursement include:
    • meals up to a maximum of $45.00/day/person;
    • accommodation, which will be pre-arranged by the Manager;
    • mileage for personal vehicle use equivalent to the federal Treasury Board rate (for Alberta) in place at the time of the claim;
    • air or bus tickets; and
    • parking charges.
  5. Board members who attend functions of this nature will be asked to make a report to the next Board meeting, including their recommendation as to whether it would be worthwhile for SASCI to attend future functions.