Policy Number: 04-006

Policy Title: Board Absenteeism Policy

Date First Passed: March 11, 2004

Date(s) Amended:  October 21, 2010

In order to ensure that the Board of SASCI can fulfill its' quorum requirements at all Board meetings, and to ensure that all Board Members are fully involved in the decision-making process:

  1. a full year of meeting dates will be determined as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting;
  2. upon a Board Member missing three meetings in a row, or more than five meetings in a calendar year, an automatic review of their status as a Board Member will be triggered, possibly resulting in their removal from the Board; and
  3. Board Members who are excused from their position due to absenteeism may stand for election again at the next Annual General Meeting, subject to applicable by-laws and policies.