Policy Number: 04-004

Policy Title: Projects Protocol

Date First Passed: March 11, 2004

Date(s) Amended:           

All projects pursued under the auspices of SASCI require a sponsor (a Board member, the SASCI Manager, or SASCI Committee, Working Group, or Advisory Group Chair) and the approval of the Board.  The project sponsor is accountable for ensuring that progress reports are prepared and presented to the Board during each scheduled Board meeting.

Prior to seeking approval from the Board, a project plan that describes the project should be documented. This project plan should contain:

  • the name of the project;
  • the sponsor of the project;
  • a brief description of the project, including how it is aligned with the SASCI mission and vision;
  • a brief description of the project’s critical success factors (i.e., what would make this project a success);
  • a brief description of the issues and risks that could preclude successful completion of the project;
  • a schedule with key milestones for the project; and
  • an assessment of the resources required to complete the project.